MN Governor Sued For Cutting Health Care

Three poor people in Minnesota have filed a class action lawsuit against Governor Tim Pawlenty for cutting General Assistance Medical Care (GAMC). The lawsuit says the Governor acted unconstitutionally by creating a budget crisis so he could use his “unallotment” powers.
The suit, filed in Ramsey County District Court, is very similar to one that will be heard before the Minnesota Supreme Court on March 15th. The lower court found that Governor Pawlenty had indeed violated the constitution when he unalloted money for a nutrition program.Attorney David Lillihaug will be one of the attorneys arguing that case before the Minnesota Supreme Court.
In an interview on “Quick On The UpTake” Lillehaug said it is likely the new case will be heard tomorrow (Friday) because state computers start enrolling GAMC beneficiaries in the more expensive MNCare program on Saturday.

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