MN 06 Rep. Michele Bachmann’s Kill the Bill Rally–entire speech.

Entire Speech.

Mar 13 2010 : MN 06 Rep. Michele Bachmann speaks at her “Kill the Bill” Rally, to stop the Health Care Bill, on the St. Paul Minnesota State Capital steps. She compares Obama to Chavez, calls the Health Care Bill illegitimate, says you don’t have to follow illegitimate bills. “In their bill they have the IRS enforciing the Health Care Bill.” “We’re not going to pay their taxes…” “We don’t have to follow a bill that isn’t law.” At 1:30 Bachmann says : “Some have called President Obama, the first Post-American President.” At 3:00 a woman in the crowd shouts : “SHIP THEM TO CUBA!” At 5:30 “And these men had guts our founders, these were no panty-waste wusses, and neither are we by the way!”

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