Pawlenty’s Budget “difficult to track” says fiscal analyst

Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty’s budget is “difficult to track” says Kevin Lundeen a State Fiscal Analyst. That’s because the Governor increasingly is using “inter agency payments” that tend to mask how much money the Governor’s office is really spending.


Lundeen notes that the Governor’s budget was reduced by $268,000 in 2003, apparently with the intent of shutting down the state’s Washington, DC office. The Governor reinstated the office and had state agencies contribute money to fully pay for the DC office. In year 5 and 6 of Pawlenty’s administration the Governor’s office starting paying for about 50-60 percent of the office.


Lundeen says in 2005, Govenor Pawlenty created the position of Policy Coordinator. In 2008 the financial responsibility for that position was transferred to the Department of Corrections. In total, the Governor’s office gets about $700,000 a year in “inter agency payments” from other branches of Minnesota government.

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