Obama:”Help Me Finish The Fight” On Health Care Reform

President Obama speaks to a crowd at George Mason Univeristy in Fairfax, Virginia… just a few minutes away from Washington DC. Time stamped twitter notes:


10:29:10;00 Crowd chanting “Yes we can” at Obama’s Virginia health care reform rally.


10:34:25;00 Obama notes that Teddy Roosevelt, a Republican, was first President to advocate for health care for everyone in US.


10:35:01;00 Obama: We need health care system that lets everyone have a chance to succeed. Not just some.


10:35:55;00 Obama: Are we going to let the special interests win once again? Crowd: NO. Live at www.theuptake.org


10:37:56;00 Obama: We’ve heard #hcr is a gov’t takeover of healthcare, then it would kill granny. Insurance Co’s have thrown everything at it.


10:39:08;00 Obama: This is a patients’ bill of rights on steroids. #hcr


10:46:47;00 Obama: CBO says not only can we afford to do this, we can’t afford not to do this. Live at www.theuptake.org #hcr


10:54:26;00 Obama: Naysayers said Social Security would lead to socialism. Cynics said Medicare would lead to Gov’t takeover of healthcare. #hcr


10:56:23;00 Obama: I don’t know how it will play politically, but I know it is right. If you believe it is right, you got to help me finish this fight.


10:59:19;00 Obama ends #hcr speech in Fairfax, VA with a flourish, then hits the crowd to shake hands.

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