Bachmann On Spitting, N-Word “No One Saw It”

Minnesota Congresswoman Michele Bachmann tells a crowd gathered outside of a boxing ring in Duluth that you can’t believe the stories about Tea Party people spitting and hurling the “N-word” at black Democratic Congressional members because no one has it on video tape. Since she made her statement on Sunday, video tape evidence has appeared in the internet.
And as a matter of fact they were smeared by the Democrats this week.  You may have heard that.  Where they were… where Democrats said that they were called the “N” word which of course would be wrong and inappropriate.  But no one has any record of it.  No witness saw it.  It’s not on camera.  It’s not on audio.  They said that they were spat upon.  No one saw it.  I walked right through the gauntlet of where they were walking through. 
There were people for the health care bill…very few.  Most were against.  No one saw it.  There’s a 10 thousand dollar reward right now for anyone who can either produce a witness or a video or an audio.  Don’t you think we would have seen an audio or a video by now if there was something out there.  When I was out there no member of congress could be out there without having a camera in their face or a tape recorder or in their face.  And I Just think we need to call this for what it is.   They want to say that you are the ones that are wrong because you don’t love and appreciate the government takeover of health care.   What do you think about that?

That’s right.  I would agree with you. 

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