Gov Pawlenty Backs Obama Education Plan – Threatens To Not Apply For Federal Education Funds

Governor Tim Pawlenty talks about why Minnesota didn’t get federal “Race To The Top” funding. Pawlenty continues to blame teachers unions and calls Minnesota’s education laws and rules “backward leaning”. The Governor admitted his own “Q-Comp” program that ties teacher pay to student performance has been ineffective, but that’s because the legislature “watered down” the program. Pawlenty endorsed PResident’s Obama’s approach to education but added if the state does not make needed changes he will not apply for the next round of federal “Race To The Top” funding.


Pawlenty’s Education Commissioner Alice Seagren added that President Bush’s “No Child Left Behind” program will seem like a “walk in the park” compared to Obama’s “Race To The Top”.


Twitter log


08:11:47;00 Pawlenty:Obama focusing on education =Nixon going to China. Doesn’t say who the “communists” are in this.


08:14:31;00 Pawlenty says if MN doesn’t change some things in education, he won’t apply for next round of “Race to the top” funding.


08:15:56;00 Pawlenty citing failures Fed pointed out in MN education system.  


08:17:46;00 Gov Pawlenty says teacher pay needs to be tied to student performance. Says his “Q-comp” program ineffective because watered down 


08:19:31;00 Gov Pawlenty: MN lost race to the top pts. for not having clear authority to intervene in low performing schools.


08:20:28;00 Gov Pawlenty: MN lost race to top funding pts. because it did not have teachers’ union support.


08:22:05;00 Gov. Pawlenty endorses Obama’s and Sec. Duncan’s “roadmap” for education change.


08:24:15;00 Gov Pawlenty: Calls MN education laws and rules “backward leaning”.


08:27:35;00 MN Educ. Commissioner Alice Seagren says No Child Left Behind will seem “like a walk in the park” compared to Obama’s Race To The Top.


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