Madore: “That decision is for Dan Powers”

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This is the concession speech Shelley Madore gave just before the CD2 DFL unanimously endorsed her opponent Dan Powers to run against Congressman John Kline. Less than a week later, Madore announced she would break her pledge to abide by the DFL endorsement and would run against Powers in the August primary.

Thank you very much. I appreciate everyone’s effort today. I appreciate everybody putting in the time and energy to make sure that you’re picking the candidate that you’re most comfortable with to challenge John Kline this fall. That decision has been made and that decision is for Dan Powers.

So here’s the challenge that we have. We’re moving forward here with a Congressional race that is going to probably be one of most nasty in the state of Minnesota. So I’m asking all of you today that are sitting here in this room that you put your effort this fall to beat John Kline.

You need to be door knocking. You need to be doing phone banking. You need to be letter stuffing. You need to be doing all of the parades. You need to be at every community meeting. You need to be doing everything that you can to be sure that we are spreading the message that John Kline is the worst Representative in the state of Minnesota.

For my family and my staff who have worked so hard, I’d like to have them come up here, if you wouldn’t mind. Staff? For the Madore for Congress campaign please come forward. They’re the delightful people in the orange hats. Volunteers and staff.

These people have worked very, very hard for the last several months trying to help all of you understand some of the issues that are coming before us this fall. And I just want to again thank you all for all your effort. For showing up at caucuses. For participating in the Senate District meeting and conventions and then being here today to make this vote.

This is a good day for us in the CD2 and I look forward to seeing all of you over the next couple of months as we work very hard to defeat John Kline.


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