State Democrats come together to support the Convention Ticket.

This morning began a state wide sweep by the DFL Convention endorsed ticket, Speaker Margaret Anderson Kelliher, the DFL endorsed candidate for Governor, Lori Swanson Attorney General; Secretary of State Mark Ritchie; and Auditor Rebecca Otto.


Rep. Keith Ellison; Rep. Betty McCollum; and Tim Walz; along with Mayors R.T. Rybak and Chris Coleman; Rep. Paul Thissen and Sen. John Marty stood or spoke to support them.


DFL Chair Brian Melendez, began by thanking the three former opponents that stood behind Anderson-Kelliher–Marty, Thissen, Rybak, along with Rep. Tom Rukavina for uniting behind the endorsed candidate.


Rep. Paul Thissen said : Margaret is one of my great friends…I think she does understand Minnesota and all its diversity.


Sen. John Marty said : She is clearly someone who cares about Minnesota, she has a good knack for bringing people together…she will be a great Governor.


Mayor Rybak : The Speaker won the convention, and the hearts and minds of the party. I am absolutely interested in helping.


Then Margaret Anderson Kelliher was asked about conflict at the convention, and with Dayton, and will the race get ugly?

“I dont know really what youre talking about in terms… Because actually I worked for Senator Dayton at one time. I think he is an outstanding person; I think he has a big heart. He has always put the best interests of Minnesota first; I think theres a lot of Democrats that would like him to put the best interests of MInnesotans first here in this phase of life and unite behind the DFL endorsed candidate. The Democrats, are nearly united. Matt Entenza and Former Sen Dayton have announced theyll stay in till the primary.”


Craig Stellmacher

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