Campaign Finance and Corporate Personhood

Common Cause Minnesota League of Women Voters Minnesota Press Release:
On Wednesday, April 28th, 2010 Common Cause Minnesota, League of Women Voters along with Representatives Ryan Winkler and Steve Simon came together to address campaign finance reform.
Common Cause Minnesota and the League of Women Voters, Minnesota urge legislators to quickly adopt legislation to prevent the chaos that could erupt this election season because of the U.S. Supreme Court’s campaign finance decision, Citizen’s United v FEC. The recent Supreme Court decision opens the door to unlimited political expenditures by corporations and unions.
If the legislature fails to act this session, we are likely to see a series of lawsuits that will only further confuse Minnesota’s campaign finance rules. With 18 days left in the legislative session, legislators need to act quickly to not only conform state law to the court’s decision, but also create rules that requiretimely disclore of campaign contribtions and expenditures disclaimers on who is paying for the political materials, and closing the issue ad loophole.
“One of the ways that we can prevent corruption and undue influence is to bring these campaign contributions into the sunlight,” said Mike Dean, executive director of Common Cause Minnesota. “Without knowledge about who is funding these ads, the public cannot adequately evaluate the information and misinformation about the candidates.”
That is why Common Cause Minnesota and the League of Women Voters, Minnesota urge the legislature to support Rep. Ryan Winkler’s disclosure bill.
This legislation will:
1. Require disclosure of all contributions and expenditures within 48 hours for all independent expenditure groups.
2. Regulate issue ads the same way as express advocacy
3. Require the use of a disclaimer on most campaign material in Minnesota
4. Require that shareholders be notified of corporate political expenditures.
Taken from Common Cause Minnesota and League of Women Voters, Minnesota Press Release

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