Mayor Coleman Giving Up On Governor Pawlenty

Mayor Chris Coleman expresses frustration with Governor Tim Pawlenty’s insistence at cutting Local Government Aid (LGA), the money that is used to pay for things such as police, fire and street repairs.


Twitter log:


14:38:32;00 Mayor Chris Coleman: I have given up hope that anything we say can change the Governor’s mind.


14:39:35;00 Mayor Coleman: I do hope that the Legislature realizes the critical need to come together.


14:41:41;00 Mayor Rybak: Harry Truman said the buck stops here. For mayors, the responsibility stops here but the bucks are leaving town.


14:43:56;00 Rybak: We absolutely could file lawsuits right now. But this is a long-term problem needing a long-term plan & relationships built.


14:46:10;00 Mayor Rybak: A long-term problem for a long-term solution would avoid the need for a lawsuit.


14:50:18;00 Mayor Coleman: St. Paul has 30 police officers via a federal grant. We can’t cut them but may have to cut training. Has consequences.


14:50:55;00 Mayor Coleman: Inflation happens. The Governor needs to recognize that.


14:54:03;00 Mayors press conference ends, w/ camera panning to “Minnesota Miracle” Time mag cover on easel. Watch 4 video later @

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