Standing With GOP’s Emmer On Illegal European Immigration

Video from Robert Erickson

Prankster Robert Erickson marches in West St. Paul’s Cinco de Mayo parade along with supporters of Representative Tom Emmer who is the Republican endorsed candidate for Governor of Minnesota.  Emmer says he thinks that Arizona’s new immigration law that makes it easy to single out Latinos for immigration enforcement is a “good start”.  

Erickson writes:


Robert Erickson, a young activist and prankster known for getting anti immigrant tea partiers to support the deportation of whites from the U.S., infiltrated the group of Emmer supporters and marched with them from start to finish, holding a sign that read “Emmer, dame tus papeles” which translates to “Emmer, show me your papers”.

Though his supporters missed the obvious jab at Emmer, the largely Latino crowd did not.

Throughout the length of the parade route protesters held up signs condemning Emmer’s support of SB1070, while bystanders joined in chanting “Listen! Emmer! We’re not Arizona, No racist laws, here in Minnesota!”

Erickson says their anger was fueled by the fact that five of Emmer’s key Republican allies in the House–including his campaign committee chair Mark Buesgens–unveiled a copycat bill mirroring the extremist Arizona law here in Minnesota – on Cinco de Mayo this week. Emmer supporter Steve Drazkowski introduced the bill (HF 3830) the next day.


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