Senator John Marty thinks the Democrats caved to Pawlenty.

A principled Senator John Marty thinks the Democrats caved in–in negotiations with the Governor at the end of session.

I talked to Senator John Marty today, I was very curious to hear him describe if he would, the end of session negotiations.  We had talked four days earlier, and he was very afraid that the Democrats and the Legislature would cave in in the end of session over health care, education and taxes with the Governor.
I watched the negotiations into the night, from the perspective of the hall way right outside the Governors office with the press.  It went to the end, and then that was extended and a special session was called at 12:01 a.m.  I went home at 3:30 a.m. and came back for more hours later.

And Senator John Marty said when they were done, the Democrats caved in to Governor Pawlenty.

“The only thing we heard from the Governor is–”Adopt what I want” “.  We talked about the process of negotiation, and what was on the table.

I brought up how at the last moment, $10 Million was added to the GAMC fund, wondered if that was significant and Senator Marty would call that a “drop in the bucket”.

We had been talking strategies before, and it seems as though the Democrats in Minnesota have a strategy to negotiate and compromise, and the Governor’s is to hold tight, especially his pledge : “No new taxes”–seems unshakable by the Democrats.

Craig Stellmacher

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