Sen. Franken On Busting The Filibuster Threat

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At Netroots Nation, the 60-vote requirement to prevent a filibuster was criticized by many people. Before his keynote address, Senator Al Franken (DFL- Minnesota) stopped by The UpTake booth to talk about the filibuster and other issues. In this exclusive interview with Mike McIntee, Franken talked about possible changes to the filibuster rule when the 2011 Senate convenes, and the “slow walking” tactics used by current Senators. One scenario: after a 60-40 vote for a nominee, cloture is invoked, which delays the vote for 30 hours. When the Senate votes again after cloture, the vote on the same nominee might be 98-0. “They’re actually voting to filibuster things they’re for,” Franken said.

Franken also talked about the NBC/Comcast merger, corporate personhood, the possibility of a Constitutional amendment repealing Citizens United, campaign disclosure, net neutrality, and the eight-month U.S. Senate recount trial—which began when Franken and his wife Franni were on vacation. “The worst vacation I ever had,” he admitted.

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