Pawlenty “Not Concerned” About 3% Presidential Poll Number

Governor Tim Pawlenty says he is not concerned about his low presidential poll numbers in New Hampshire, which will hold the nation’s first presidential primary in 2010.  The poll from Public Policy Polling shows Governor Pawlenty with just a 3% among Republicans.

In the poll, Mitt Romney leads the way with 31% to 14% for Newt Gingrich, 13% for Ron Paul, 12% for Mike Huckabee, 9% for Sarah Palin, 3% for Tim Pawlenty, and 1% for Mitch Daniels.

Public Policy Polling notes:

-We get a lot of e-mail asking us to include Tim Pawlenty in all of our 2012 Presidential polling but his numbers here are a reminder of why we aren’t- yet. Pawlenty was at 3% in our New Hampshire polling in April and he’s still there. He’s getting a lot of attention in insider circles as he positions himself for a 2012 bid but it’s not translating to the general public enough yet for him to make a real dent in the polls. Pawlenty still has plenty of time to become a serious player for the Republican nomination but his name recognition isn’t to the point yet where we’d get much out of including him every month on our national 2012 poll testing match ups against Obama.

Governor Pawlenty made the comment at the end of the question and answer period of his news conference about supporting military families.

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