Today’s UpTake: Target Sorry & Fly-Around Friday | Aug 6, 2010

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Target CEO Says “Sorry” For Political Donation

As we’ve been reporting, Target’s $150,000 donation to a group that is funding TV ads for Republican Tom Emmer has cost the company as people cut up their Target credit cards and are boycotting the retail giant.  On Thursday’s Target’s CEO Gregg Steinhafel tried to salvage what he could from this PR train wreck and issued an apology for the donation. However, gay rights activists are still planning to visit the company’s downtown Minneapolis headquarters at noon today with more than 250,000 signatures on petitions.

This all came about of course because of the Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision that said it was OK for corporations to spend money on political ads.  The impact of that decision is going to play out in many different ways this election.  In this Capitol Report video, Larry Jacobs of the Humphrey Institute discusses that decision and its impact on Minnesota’s 2010 elections.

It’s Fly-Around Friday for Minnesota political campaigns today. Just four campaigning days until the primary polls open.  Final debates and a DFL dust-up over No Child Left Behind when you continue reading.

DFL Gubernatorial Race

Today Mark Dayton is making his “Four Corners Tour” flying around to Grand Marais, Hallock, Luverne and Winona.  His campaign says there will be other stops as well.

The endorsed candidate, Margaret Anderson Kelliher is making her state sweep on Monday. She is touring the state with Senator Al Franken and Vice President Walter Mondale.

Campaign stops are scheduled in Grand Rapids (8:20 AM), Virginia (10 AM), Duluth (12 PM), Moorhead (2:35 PM), Mankato (5 PM), Rochester (7 PM) and Minneapolis (10 PM). The last stop timed of course to attract live TV coverage on the 10 PM Twin Cities newscasts.

Matt Entenza’s is kicking off his Get Out The Vote (GOTV) drive at 3pm Friday with “Hip Hop Action Day” at his campaign office.

Thursday, Entenza’s and Kelliher’s campaigns exchanged nastygrams.  Entenza is running a TV ad implying Kelliher wants to keep the Bush-era “No Child Left Behind” education program.  Kelliher’s campaign manager Jaime Tincher replied:

“We are disappointed that in this late hour before the DFL primary, Matt Entenza is running misleading, negative TV ads.”

DFL Chair Brian Melendez characterized the Entenza ad as “misleading”.

“Margaret’s public statements, and her voting record, are clear and consistent: the status quo is unacceptable, and No Child Left Behind must be reformed. Today’s attack is misleading and disappointing. The real issues are creating jobs, getting Minnesotans back to work, balancing the budget, and giving our children a world-class education. With just five days to the primary election, all DFLers need to focus on beating Tom Emmer in November and not give in to the temptation to attack one another.”

Debates Friday And Monday

The two Independence Party candidates for Governor debate on KFAI Radio today at 9 AM. Tom Horner has the IP endorsement. Rob Hahn is running in the primary against Horner. Tune into 90.3 FM or listen online .  You can submit questions to the candidates at .  Bob Hines and KFAI Political Correspondent Marty Owings are the moderators.

Candidates from all three parties are scheduled to debate Sunday night on Minnesota Public Radio.  The 7 PM debate is at the Fitzgerald Theater (same place that Prairie Home Companion does its show).  Kelliher’s campaign is planning a 6 PM rally in front of the theater with Al Franken.  Tickets to the event are free.  The UpTake will have its cameras there, and as always will post the entire video on line for you to watch.  If you’re looking for the prior debates, we have those online too.  The most recent debate from Farmfest is here.

Speaking which, you might have noticed our Farmfest fact check video of Tom Emmer’s claims about his voting record. What goes into finding out what is a truth, half-truth or an outright lie from candidates? A panel of Twin Cities journalists talks about that today at noon.  The event is at the Humphrey Institute of Public Affairs and is free and open to the public. If you miss it, we’re trying to get a camera there and will post it up.

Finally, candidates pay attention to these voters asking for your attention. Get Out The Vote strategies from the campaigns are apparently ignoring college age students.

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