Tom Emmer Hires New Campaign Manager

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Tom Emmer

Tom Emmer

The name of Republican candidate for Minnesota Governor Tom Emmer’s new campaign manager may be familiar to those who followed the Al Franken/ Norm Coleman race in 2008.  Emmer has hired Coleman’s former campaign manager Cullen Sheehan to head a campaign that is lagging in the polls and fundraising behind Emmer’s three DFL (Democratic Farmer Labor Party) opponents.

Sheehan currently serves as chief of staff of the Minnesota Senate Republican Caucus (from which he is taking a leave of absence). Before  managing Coleman’s campaign he was Executive Director of the Iowa Republican Party.

Sheehan is good at sticking to the talking points while under fire.  When you continue reading you’ll see a press conference from 2008 where he gave the same answer 12 times about whether Senator Norm Coleman’s suits were a gift.

That answer was “The Senator has reported every gift he has ever received”.


REPORTER: So the Senator will only go according to the Senate ethics laws or rules rather than answer questions?

CULLEN SHEEHAN: He has done everything that he is required to do, Rachel.

REPORTER: That is not my question, Cullen.

CULLEN SHEEHAN: But that is my response.

This is a link to a full transcript and of that  press conference

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