Absentee Ballot Total Nearly 31,000

From the Minnesota Secretary of State’s office:
Secretary of State Mark Ritchie announced today that preliminary reports from local election officials indicate that almost 31,000 absentee ballots will be processed for the 2010 primary. Unofficial numbers reported by election officials indicate that 1,080 absentee ballots have been rejected-a rate of less than four percent.

“The 2010 Minnesota Primary election is the first test of the new design for absentee balloting materials and new procedures for reviewing and processing absentee ballots,” said Secretary Ritchie. “So far the results have been remarkably successful.”

Absentee Ballot Statistics as of 3 p.m., August 10, 2010

2010 primary absentee ballots accepted: 30,841*
2010 primary absentee ballots rejected: 1,080*

Percentage rejection rate (Domestic Absentee Ballots) 3.38%
(in 2008 the rate was 3.5%)
Percentage rejection rate (Military/Overseas Voters) .05%
(In 2008 the rate was 2.02%)

*Note: These numbers are unofficial and are expected to change as absentee ballot boards continue processing absentee ballots. Absentee ballot statistics are unofficial until county canvassing boards certify their results on Friday, Aug. 13 and the State Canvassing Board certifies county canvassing reports on Tuesday, Aug. 17.

Ritchie praised local election officials for their work to successfully implement some of the biggest election reforms in decades. “This great success is due to the tireless work done by local election officials and the excellent media coverage about the importance of voting in the early primary.” said Secretary Ritchie. “I am especially pleased that we continue to reduce the rejection rates for both military and overseas absentee ballots. I am looking forward to seeing the final voter turnout numbers later tonight.”

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