Dayton calls for cease fire on negative campaign ads

DFL candidate for Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton says he can’t control attacks by outside PAC groups, but is trying to change the things he can’t accept. One of them is attack ads. Dayton said the public is tired of them.

The press conference was in response to an attack ad by Minnesota’s Republican Party, aired hours after victory was conceded to Dayton. Today he called on all parties to stop personal negative attack ads. He included the Alliance For A Better Minnesota’s ad about Tom Emmer’s DWIs, saying Emmer’s voting record was public but disclosing his previous personal issues crossed the line.

Referencing an attack ad against Georgia U.S. Senator Max Cleland, Dayton said some people will stoop to anything and stop at nothing to win, and the only way to stop it would be for voters to say no.

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