Today’s UpTake – Let The Debates Begin…Again

And now there are three

Twin Cities Public TV won’t have to wheel out another couch or set up extra chairs for tonight’s Minnesota Gubernatorial debate. There are only three candidates now as opposed to about 20 when the very first debates took place.  Republican Tom Emmer, DFLer Mark Dayton and Independence Party’s Tom Horner will debate on TPT’s Almanac tonight at 7pm for the first time since the primary election.  Dayton says he has done about 50 debates this year and plans to attend as many of them as possible.  Horner has made most of the debates.  Emmer has missed many debates since he won the Republican endorsement.

The three may see a lot of each other in the next week.  They are all scheduled to appear at Game Fair’s candidates forum Saturday (11 AM on The UpTake) and all will trek north of Brainerd next Tuesday for the Minnesota Chamber of Commerce debate in Nisswa (12:30 PM on The UpTake). Dayton and Horner have confirmed they will be at the Coalition of Greater Minnesota candidate’s forum in Winona Thursday (4 PM on The UpTake). Emmer has not confirmed he will be there yet.  The audience will be made up of Mayors from across Minnesota who are dealing with the budget cuts Republican Governor Tim Pawlenty has given them.  You can probably guess what the questions will be about.

Vote those pro-gay judges out

The man all three want to replace, Governor Tim Pawlenty was out of the state again, this time campaigning in …er visiting Iowa.  The state with the first Presidential caucuses for 2012 was where Pawlenty backed a group that wants to vote out three Iowa Supreme Court Justices who upheld the rights of gays to marry in Iowa. Pawlenty says voters should turn out judges if they don’t agree with their decisions. Ironically, Supreme Court Justices in Minnesota have not faced election recently because of the way they have been timing their retirements.  Pawlenty then appoints a new Justice and it is years until they have to face the voters.

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