Today’s UpTake-Tom Emmer-Great Healer Of The DFL

Tom Emmer

Tom Emmer - Healer of the DFL?

What will be responsible for a fast healing of the pre-primary DFL party?  According to DFL leaders it will be Tom Emmer. Throughout the primary campaign the three DFL candidates for Governor rarely fired at each other, saving most of their ammunition for the Republican Emmer. Fear of Emmer being Governor quickly brought the competing camps together after Mark Dayton was declared the primary winner. Can you count how many references were made to Emmer in speeches from Senator Amy Klobuchar, Senator Al Franken, Matt Entenza, Margaret Anderson Kelliher, Dayton and others on Wednesday afternoon? We lost track. Please count and let us know what the correct number is.

While party leaders are enthusiastic about the next steps, progressives we talked to had mixed feelings about Dayton’s win and Kelliher’s loss. It could just be post-election blahs, or perhaps a real lack of enthusiasm from the base.

How did Dayton put together his win? The Star Tribune’s Rachel Stassen-Berger and Glenn Howatt have been crunching the numbers and draw some conclusions here.

Tuesday’s primary also proved to be the last straw for one Republican lawmaker. St. Cloud Times reporter Mark Sommerhauser finds that the tea party element in the Republican party has not only driven State Senator Paul Koering out of office, but driven him to back a DFLer to replace him.

What does the media think of Emmer? His campaign means steady work for political journalists who specialize in fact checking. WCCO-TV’s Pat Kessler, MinnPost’s Eric Black and Minnesota Public Radio’s Tom Scheck talk about how Emmer is prone to say one thing, and then a short time later deny that he said it.

Onward with the campaign

Mark Dayton said he will be meeting with the media today to answer questions. No time set yet, but we’ll get a camera there if possible.

Dayton, Emmer and Independence Party candidate Tom Horner meet for their first post-primary debate on TPT’s Almanac, 7pm on Friday.

The three candidates will meet again 11 AM Saturday for a debate at Game Fair, a festival focused on hunting, fishing and other outdoor activities. Clean water, habitat and similar issues will be the focus of the debate.

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