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Mark Dayton, Tom Emmer and Tom Horner

Mark Dayton (DFL) Tom Emmer (R) & Tom Horner (IP)

Monday: Who gets the money from Minnesota’s Legacy Amendment sales tax? The Lessard-Sams council we heard so much about during the last Governors debate makes those decisions and is meeting this morning.   We’ll have this up live on livestream starting around 9am. Update: the Minnesota House is not providing video coverage of this meeting today. Public comment part of the hearing starts at 11:30am

10 AM the State canvassing board meets to certify the Primary election results.  This should be much less drama filled than the last time they met for the Coleman/Franken recount.
Mark Dayton, Tom Emmer and Tom Horner

Mark Dayton (DFL) Tom Emmer (R) & Tom Horner (IP) may debate twice this week.

12:30PM – We’re going to  Nisswa — just north of Brainerd, to livestream the Chamber of Commerce Gubernatorial debate. Tom Emmer (R), Mark Dayton (DFL), and Tom Horner (IP) have all indicated they will be there.

Wednesday: There are several health care related hearings starting around 10:30 am and going most of the day at the state capitol.  We will be livestreaming them of course.
Thursday: In Winona the State auditors candidates debate at 3pm… and that actually should be pretty entertaining considering how much Pat Anderson (R), and Rebecca Otto (DFL) have been sniping at each other.  The Governor candidates debate at 4pm.  Dayton and Horner have confirmed they will be there.
Immediately after the debate we’ll be livestreaming the the FCC hearing in Minneapolis on net neutrality.  The hearing is at South High School in Minneapolis.
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