AFL-CIO Endorses Dayton For Governor

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Mark Dayton

Newly endorsed candidate Mark Dayton meeting with the Minnesota AFL-CIO at the Sheet Metal Workers Hall- Photo Courtesy Of AFL-CIO

Before the primary, the AFL-CIO could not come to a decision on who to endorse for Minnesota Governor. After the primary the choice has apparently become much easier. The union voted unanimously today to endorse Mark Dayton, winner of the DFL primary.

Dayton has scheduled a 1:30 PM news conference, presumably to talk about the endorsement.

Press release from the AFL-CIO when you continue reading.

Minnesota AFL-CIO Endorses Mark Dayton for Governor

St. Paul – Presenting a united labor front, the Minnesota AFL-CIO unanimously voted to endorse Mark Dayton for Governor today.
“Middle class Minnesotans face a clear choice in electing a Governor this year,” said Shar Knutson, Minnesota AFL-CIO President. “Mark Dayton understands what it is going to take to put Minnesotans back to work, make taxes fair for the middle class, and lead our state back to prosperity.”

In endorsing Dayton, the board cited his years of commitment to working Minnesotans through his service as Commissioner of Economic Development, State Auditor, and United States Senator. They also praised his comprehensive jobs plan to build a better Minnesota.

“I am honored and grateful to have the support of the 300,000 hard working men and women of the Minnesota AFL-CIO,” said Dayton. “I have always stood with working women and men, and will continue to stand with them if I am elected Governor. Getting Minnesotans back to work will be a top priority of my administration.”

Knutson added that Dayton is the only candidate in the race that working people can count on,
“For too long, working Minnesotans haven’t had a Governor we could count on. Mark Dayton has already shown he will be a Governor who is there for working people.”

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