Today’s UpTake- Debates And FCC Double Header

Al Franken
Al Franken

Net Neutrality Advocate Senator Al Franken Will Be at Today's FCC Hearing In Minneapolis

Today’s such a nice day, let’s play two.

We have a pair of candidate debates followed by what may be a thorny debate about the future of the Internet featuring US Senator Al Franken.

At 3 PM Minnesota State Auditor Rebecca Otto and her Republican challenger Pat Anderson debate in front of a convention of Minnesota Mayors in Winona. The two have been sniping at each other ever since Anderson quit her campaign for Governor and decided to run for her old job instead. (Otto defeated her in 2006).

At 4 PM candidates for Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton (DFL) and Tom Horner (IP) debate in front of the same crowd.  Republican candidate Tom Emmer who is not real popular with Mayors for supporting cuts in Local Government Aid will not attend.

At 5:30 PM US Senator Al Franken speaks to the press before the start of an FCC hearing in Minneapolis on Net Neutrality.

At 6 PM the FCC hearing on “the future of the Internet” gets underway at Minneapolis’ South High School.  Free Press and other organizations have been promoting the event with an eye on preventing big corporations from controlling the Internet.  Conservative group Minnesota Majority is trying to organize a counter movement and is also asking people to testify at the hearing.

Internets willing, you’ll see all of this live on The UpTake.

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