Dayton Urges Pawlenty To Accept $263 Million In Federal Funding

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Mark Dayton

DFL candidate for Governor says Governor Tim Pawlenty is putting is sacrificing “Minnesota’s best interests for his political ambitions.”

Governor Pawlenty has a little more than a month to decide if he is going to turn down more federal money for Minnesota.  As we reported earlier, Pawlenty failed to sign a letter to apply for $1 Million in federal aid for insurance reform. Senator John Marty noted that nearly every state that applied for the aid got it.

Now Governor Pawlenty is contemplating whether Minnesota should accept $263 Million in Federal Medical Assistance Percentages (FMAP) funding. Pawlenty told the Star Tribune he hasn’t made a decision and is still looking into it.

Dayton’s criticism of Pawlenty on turning away federal funding has been consistent. Late last month on “Access To Democracy”, Dayton criticized the Governor’s decision not to accept $1.4 Billion in federal funding for medical care that would have helped out Minnesota’s rural hospitals.

Video courtesy Access To Democracy. Full interview with Dayton here.

Today, Dayton called on Governor Pawlenty to accept a one-time increase in federal Medicaid funding available to states.  He released the following statement from his campaign:

“I call on Governor Pawlenty to immediately accept the $263 million available to Minnesota’s low-income and elderly patients through a one-time increase in federal Medicaid funding.  That money is essential to maintaining the health of low-income and elderly citizens, and its essential to maintaining the health of our care providers, particularly those in rural Minnesota, who are facing severe financial hardships.  If Governor Pawlenty chooses not to accept those desperately  needed funds, he will demonstrate once again that he is willing to sacrifice Minnesota’s best interests for his political ambitions.  Minnesota deserves better.”

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