MN Public Subsidies For Political Campaigns Is $3.9 Million – None for Dayton

Press release from the Campaign Finance and Public Disclosure Board:

The Campaign Finance and Public Disclosure Board distributed $3,953,090 in public subsidy payments to 365 candidates running for state constitutional and legislative office. The 365 candidates who received a public subsidy payment represent 87% of the 416 candidates who were nominated at the August 10, 2010, primary election. A list of qualifying candidates and payments is attached to this news release.

Of the 476 candidates who filed for a state constitutional or legislative seat in 2010, 412 signed voluntary agreements to abide by spending limits and other conditions of the agreement required under Minnesota Statutes Chapter 10A.
To qualify for a public subsidy payment a candidate must

  • be opposed at either the primary or general election,
  • appear on the general election ballot,
  • sign and timely file a public subsidy agreement with the Board to abide by applicable campaign expenditure limits,
  • and sign and timely file an affidavit of contributions stating that the candidateaccumulated a specified amount in contributions from individuals eligible to vote in Minnesota.

Funds for the public subsidy payment are derived from the check-off contributions included on the state income and property tax forms and a $1,020,000 biennial appropriation from the state general fund.

Full report from the Campaign Finance and Public Disclosure Board here: 2010_Press_Release_Public_Subsidy_Payments

Michael McIntee

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