President Clinton and VP Biden To Campaign For Dayton In MN

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President Bill Clinton stumps for Al Franken - Nov 30, 2008

The last time Bill Clinton campaigned in Minnesota it was for DFLer Al Franken on October 30, 2008. Franken went on to win the US Senate race, unseating Republican Norm Coleman. The DFL is hoping for a repeat as Bill Clinton will come to Minnesota in support of Mark Dayton’s and Yvonne Prettner Solon’s campaign for Governor and Lt. Governor.

The Dayton campaign today announced that President Bill Clinton will be here in Minnesota on the evening of September 14th. The White house says President Obama will make a fundraising visit to the state before the election. And Vice President Joe Biden is scheduled to campaign for Dayton in Minnesota on the early afternoon of October 5th.

The Dayton campaign said details on the visits will be released as soon as they are finalized.

Michael McIntee

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