Pawlenty Action Threatens Mayo Clinic Says Rochester Senator

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While Governor Pawlenty’s Human Services director took more heat from lawmakers for not applying for federal heath care grants, the Mayo clinic indicated the Governor’s action may have already cost it $25 million.

Senator Ann Lynch, who represents the Rochester, the home of the Mayo clinic brought up the concern during Wednesday’s legislative committee hearing on health care exchanges.

“I think the Mayo Clinic has been very forthright, very candid, very transparent, frankly very vocal in their concerns with regard to this latest action. And it comes on top of, and I think that’s important to look at the cumulative effect, it comes on top of the rejection of early enrollment for Medicaid. This on top of that for that one entity, which is our largest private employer at a time when we continue to struggle with jobs in our economy, alone represents a 25 Million dollar loss to that entity.  And the clinic in its statement that it’s issued indicates that this decision impacts the viability of this economic engine for our state.”

The Mayo Clinic issued a statement:
“The complete implications are not known yet, but Mayo Clinic is concerned about the position the governor took Tuesday relating to the federal reform law. The gov’s actions regarding GAMC and rejection of early enrollment in Medicaid have already cost Mayo Clinic and Mayo Health System a projected $25 million. As the state’s largest private employer, Mayo attracts patients from around the nation, and actions by the governor that jeopardize Mayo’s ability to continue to attract these patients and their families to Minnesota for health care, jeopardizes a vital economic engine for our state.”

In the video DFL lawmakers question Human Services Commissioner Cal Ludeman about Governor Pawlenty’s decision not to seek a federal planning grant for creating a state health care insurance exchange. Senator Linda Berglin, DFL-Mpls, Rep. Paul Thissen, DFL-Mpls, and Sen. Ann Lynch, DFL-Rochester, outline their concerns about foregoing the grant application. Video from Minnesota House And Senate Media Services.

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