MN Senator Disputes Pioneer Press Claim That She Is “Homeless”

Senator Mee Moua Talks About Foreclosure On Her Parent's Home

Senator Moua’s Parents Lose Home To Foreclosure

Despite what a Pioneer Press headline said, Senator Mee Moua says she and her family are not “homeless”. However, the home she and her parents were living in was foreclosed on, forcing them to move out.

The move happened just about the same time as the Minnesota legislative session was drawing to a close, which now explains Senator Moau’s surprise announcement in June that she would not be running for re-electon. As Minnesota’s first Hmong State Senator in a heavily DFL district, she was practically guaranteed at winning another term.

In today’s story from the Pioneer Press “Moua finds message in foreclosure woes” Pioneer Press Reporter Dave Orrick touts his “exclusive” on breaking the Moua story, and notes that she was not “homeless” as their headline on their printed edition said, but makes no apology for making the mistake, and there is no correction printed in today’s edition of the Pioneer Press. The headline of the original Pioneer Press online version no longer has the word “homeless” in it.

Update: Reporter Dave Orrick says he did personally apologize to Senator Moua on Friday, and he did include the word “erroneous” in the story he submitted to his editors.  But that word was removed from the story that was published on Saturday.

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Click here to see the print edition headline that the Pioneer Press hasn’t corrected or apologized for.

Pioneer Press Headline Errs In Saying Senator Moua is "Homeless"

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