Testing The Edges Of New Campaign Finance Laws

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Where does the money come from in Politics these days?

There seems to be a wider river of money let loose by the U.S. Supreme Court’s “Citizens United” ruling. Earlier this year, Common Cause asked for Corporations and Unions to both step back from elections. All this so far, makes sense, after that you can say good bye to logic, and out comes the language of Politics. A number of different kinds of political organizations can be formed to push issues or candidates, and their “numbers” indicate which laws apply to them “C4’s”, 527’s are in play, and the real mission of many is to hide who is donating, and where it is going. As soon as laws are written, their edges are tested.

Today Common Cause pointed to “Minnesota Future LLC”, a limited liability corporation that seems to have been formed, just to receive $428,000 from the Republican Governor’s Association, and turn it over to “Minnesota Future”. Why form the LLC is the question, but after Mike Dean Executive Director of Common Cause spoke, Chris Tiedeman for Minnesota Future followed and denied any wrongdoing. (Chris Tiedeman’s response, comes at 36:30 minutes into the video.)

A formal complaint has been filed with the Minnesota Campaign Finance Board. The matter is confidential, and no more word will come from the board, unless there is a finding.

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