Horner Distorts Emmer’s Immigration Statement

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During Friday’s debate at the University of Minnesota the candidates for Minnesota Governor are asked if they would support the adoption of a law similar to Arizona’s controversial immigration law.  Democrat Mark Dayton and Independence Party candidate said they thought Arizona had a bad law didn’t want it in Minnesota. Republican Tom Emmer in the past has said he thought the Arizona law was a “good start” but infers he has been mis-quoted on saying Minnesota needs an Arizona type law. He says Minnesota has enough laws on immigration and we just need to enforce them.

Horner shoots back that not only Emmer say he thought the Arizona law was a “good start”, but that Emmer also said he wanted that law in Minnesota. Horner referenced a Fact Check done on Emmer’s claim.

The fact checked showed Emmer had called Arizona’s law “wonderful”, but unlike what Horner claimed in the debate, Emmer did not say on an MPR debate that he supported an Arizona-style law for Minnesota. That statement was made by Emmer’s then Republican opponent Marty Seifert.
(Immigration discussion is about 18 minutes into the debate)

The debate moderator pressed Emmer and asked if the Minnesota legislature passed the law, would he sign it as Governor.  Emmer said “I don’t think you’re going to see that” and then changed the subject.

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