Duluth Paper Says Owners Did Not “Dictate” Cravaack Endorsement

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Duluth News Tribune Editorial Page Editor Chuck Frederick insists his papers endorsement of Tea Party Republican Chip Craavack has nothing to do with its right-leaning owners. Forum Communications purchased the Duluth paper in 2006. Prior to this year, the paper has regularly endorsed Congressman Jim Oberstar (DFL).

Oberstar said he was “disappointed but not surprised” by the Duluth News Tribune’s endorsement of Cravaack. “The Fargo Forum owns the Duluth newspaper. They have dictated this outcome. It is one that fits their philosophy. It does not represent that of the Northland,”

Frederick bristles at the insinuation that the corporate owners who sign his paychecks influenced his editorial board’s decision. Frederick says there was no communication from corporate to the local paper on how to handle the endorsement.

He says the endorsement of Cravaak was a “difficult” one for the editorial board. He says it was not unanimous, but says it was by consensus. The editorial board is made up of Frederick, the Publisher, an employee representative and two “citizen” representatives.

The Duluth News Tribune made the endorsement despite fact-checks the paper published that showed Cravaack has made false statements on topics such as health care reform and the national debt. Frederick says both candidates have made errors with the facts, but the errors were not “egregious” enough to prevent an endorsement of Cravaack.

Michael McIntee

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