Oberstar “Disappointed But Not Surprised” Over Cravaack Endorsement

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Press release and audio from Oberstar campaign

“Disappointed but not surprised” is how Congressman Jim Oberstar described his feelings following the Duluth News Tribune’s endorsement of his inexperienced opponent in the race for Minnesota’s Eighth Congressional District. The newspaper announced the endorsement in Sunday’s edition.

Oberstar said he saw the snub coming, given the paper’s conservative editorial trend since its purchase by North Dakota-based Forum Communications. This marks the first time in Oberstar’s long career that the paper has failed to endorse his election.

“The Fargo Forum owns the Duluth newspaper. They have dictated this outcome. It is one that fits their philosophy. It does not represent that of the Northland,” Oberstar said from his home in Chisholm.

Oberstar said he was especially disappointed at the unusual process that led up to the endorsement decision. He said he did not have the opportunity to meet with the Fargo executives who made the endorsement decision, and that the in-depth interview that typically precedes such decisions was replaced by Tuesday’s chaotic debate in Duluth.
“That was not a typical editorial board thoughtful discussion and exchange of views, probing deeply into how my service in Congress affects the area that this paper serves,” Oberstar said.

Oberstar said that despite the disappointment, he plans to fight on and return to Washington as the Congressman from Minnesota’s Eighth District.

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