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Secretary of State Mark Ritchie answers questions about a possible recount in Minnesota’s Gubernatorial race. The margin must be within one-half of one-percent after the counts are certified by the State Canvassing Board which meets on November 24th. Should there be a recount, Ritchie says cameras and observers will be allowed in the recount areas under “essentially the same” procedures as used in 2008 during the recount between Senator Al Franken and now former Senator Norm Coleman. The UpTake provided comprehensive coverage of that recount and resulting election contest trial. Interested in helping us out with covering this one? Drop us an email at

GOP Preparing Legal Action

Minutes after Ritchie finished speaking, Minnesota Republican leaders held a press conference announcing that they would leave no stone unturned in the case of possible Gubernatorial recount. Tony Sutton, chair of the MN GOP, announced that they would not get “rolled over” this time. He also said that this time the DFL was trying to chase the train and the Republicans were the train.

Speakers at the press conference referenced both ballot box problems in Hennepin County as well as late last night’s voting errors released from Hennepin County. He expressed anger that the largest county in the state has had these problems in both this election and previous elections, specifically 2008.

A recount will not happen until after Thanksgiving when the state Canvassing Board will meet to approve election results. However, the legislative session begins in early January and a Governor needs to be in place as the MN Legislature attempts to deal with Minnesota’s $6 billion deficit. Early this afternoon, Governor Pawlenty said he would abide my Minnesota law and continue to hold office until a successor is chosen.

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