Next MN House Speaker Sounds Like Emmer On Budget And Social Issues

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Eight years ago, Kurt Zellers was a communications person for the Republican caucus. In January Representative Kurt Zellers will likely be Speaker of The House for the 2011 Minnesota Legislative session.

In an interview with the Minnesota House Media Service, Zellers admits even he was surprised by how many seats Republicans won in the legislature. He says if Mark Dayton wins as Governor, he wants to work with him on bringing jobs to Minnesota. Zellers says he and Dayton obviously disagree on tax issues, but “that’s for later on in the process.”

As far as solving a looming $6 billion budget gap, Zellers says the GOP caucus will not cut K-12 education, funds for the developmentally disabled and those that are in nursing homes. “Protecting and providing for our most vulnerable in society has always been our priorities.” But Zellers’ plan for dealing with the deficit is much like Republican candidate Tom Emmer’s: saying there really isn’t one.

When asked if the GOP will be pushing social issues such as anti-gay marriage legislation, Zellers again sounds like Emmer: preferring to talk about job and economic issues again and not answering the question.

Representative Matt Dean will be the new House Majority Leader.

Interview with next Minnesota Speaker of the House Kurt Zellers- Full video

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