Recount, 101: Has Emmer Gained 1,000 Votes?

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Republican gubernatorial hopeful Tom Emmer said twice during his press conference Tuesday that he’s “gained 1,000 votes” since the Nov. 2 election. Democrat Mark Dayton’s lawyer David Lillehaug said yesterday at the Humphrey Institute that the number is actually 101. What gives?

At the 5:44 mark in the above video, Lillehaug also foresees storm clouds on the horizon — in particular, signs that Republicans intend to try to stop Mark Dayton from being sworn in on Jan. 3. According to a “high-ranking Republican operative,” quoted in yesterday’s Minneapolis Star Tribune, the Republicans want to “keep this recount going as long as possible” to provide “opportunities for us in the upcoming legislative session.” In other words, current Republican Governor Tim Pawlenty would remain in the State Capitol and team up with newly elected Republican majorities in the State House and Senate to pass non-emergency legislation.

Dayton Recount Director Ken Martin issued this statement yesterday about the matter:

“If that is the Republicans’ goal, it is a strategy designed to hijack the will of Minnesota voters. Such an outrageous power grab would be completely un-Minnesotan. We expect that it would blow up in the Republicans’ faces.”

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