House Ethics Considers Rangel Sanctions On Thursday

Rep. Charles Rangel Walks Out Of Ethics Hearing

On Monday, Representative Charles Rangel walked out on the House Ethics Committee investigating 13 charges against him and was rewarded with being found guilty of 11 of them. On Thursday Rangel gets another opportunity to appear before the full Ethics Committee and plea his case as it considers what, if any, penalty it should impose on the Democratic Congressman from New York.

If he decides to not waive his right to the noon hearing, Rangel will get 30 minutes to present his side.  The committee’s Chief Counsel Blake Chisam will also get 30 minutes to present the other side.  No witnesses may be called unless a majority of the committee votes to allow a witness.

After Thursday’s hearing, the Ethics Committee will meet in closed session to discuss what penalty it will recommend to the full House which must approve any sanctions.

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