“An attempt to delay and damage the next Governor”

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Video by Craig Stellmacher, Text by Michael McIntee
A representative for Mark Dayton’s campaign accused the Republican Party of delaying “the inevitable” which is Mark Dayton being certified the winner of Minnesota’s close Gubernatorial election. Earlier in the day, The Minnesota Republican Party filed a petition with the Minnesota Supreme Court asking that vote totals be reconciled with the voter signature logs.

“This is an attempt to delay this process and even if it’s just by days, to damage the ability of the governor elect, whomever that may be, to govern in the state of Minnesota and that’s just plain wrong.” said Dayton Recount Director Ken Martin.

Martin said that the errors the Republicans are insinuating that happened would become apparent during any recount.
“I’m not sure what the Republicans are trying to get at here” said Martin. “The recount will show who won this election.”

Martin said there may have been errors “here and there”, but they are “not going to amount to 9,000 votes”. Dayton leads Republican candidate for Governor Tom Emmer by 8,755 votes.

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