MN Supreme Court To Emmer: “Petition Denied”

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Minnesota Supreme Court Chief Justice Lori Gildea

Justice was lightning fast and brief for the Tom Emmer for Governor campaign.  “Petition denied” was the two word opinion issued by Minnesota Supreme Court Chief Justice Lorie Gildea.  The Republican party and the Emmer campaign had argued that vote totals must be reconciled with the number of signatures on voter logs.  The justices heard oral arguments on the case this afternoon and just 90 minutes later issued their opinon.

That means the State Canvassing Board will meet as scheduled Tuesday at 10 AM.  They will likely find the race between Emmer and Mark Dayton falls within the one half of one percent margin, meaning there would be an automatic state-funded recount unless Emmer waives his right to that.

Dayton Recount Director Ken Martin reacted to the court’s swift ruling:

“We’re very pleased with the prompt decision by the Minnesota Supreme Court. We look forward to tomorrow’s state canvassing board meeting and the certification of the election results, which currently show Mark Dayton with an unofficial 8,770-vote victory in the governor’s race.

“Minnesota’s election went through a thorough process of review, both during the county canvassing and also during the post election reviews – neither of which showed any indication of problems. Again, Minnesota’s elections have a clean bill of health.

“Since it looks likely that the race will go to automatic recount, we are preparing for an orderly recount process that will certify the winner of this election on December 14 and seat a new governor on January 3. We fully expect that Governor to be Mark Dayton.”

MN Supreme Court Denies Emmer Petition-PDF Document

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