Dayton Numbers Show His Lead Now 8,998 Votes

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Mark Dayton

Using the more reliable “call at the table” count, the Mark Dayton for Governor campaign now estimates his lead at 8,998 votes, an increase of 228 votes since the recount in the Governor’s race began on Monday. During the recount Dayton has gained 294 previously uncounted votes. His Republican opponent Tom Emmer has gained 66 previously uncounted votes. Unlike the Secretary of State’s totals the Dayton campaign’s count includes legitimately challenged ballots, but makes an assumption that the challenges will be resolved to how the election judge originally called the vote at the recount table. The Secretary of State’s numbers show Emmer has lost one vote and Dayton has gained 28 since the recount began. The Secretary of State reports shows the Emmer campaign has made 597 “legitimate” challenges while the Dayton campaign has made 143.

Totals provided by the Dayton campaign are below.
Dayton Campaign Recount Calculations Through Day 2

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