Governor-Elect Dayton Thanks Labor Supporters

Gov. Mark Dayton thanks Minnesota unions for helping him win the election

Minnesota Governor-Elect Mark Dayton thanks supporters at a labor meeting in St. Paul. Dayton said his 8,770 vote victory would not have been possible without labor’s support. Earlier in the day, Dayton was certified as the winner of the 2010 Governor’s race when Republican Tom Emmer conceded.

Dayton, who will be appearing with Governor Tim Pawlenty at a news conference Thursday, questioned Pawlenty’s assertion that the state’s $6.2 billion deficit is “fictional”. And said Pawlenty’s promise of no new taxes was a myth. Dayton pointed to rising property taxes as evidence.

Matt Johnson

Matt Johnson is owner and principal consultant for MRJ Solutions Inc., a Minneapolis-based information technology company that specializes in media capture and management systems. He has degrees in electrical engineering and math and is skilled in video production for the internet, computer network installations, and data warehousing.

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