Neighbors Upset: Money For Fixing Houses May Be Cut To Fix Budget

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Minneapolis Residents Upset The Neighborhood Revitalization Program May Be Cut

Minneapolis Residents Upset The Neighborhood Revitalization Program May Be Cut

A few days ago the Minneapolis City Council, in a move considered a total surprise by the local groups, moved to cancel continuance of funds for NRP (Neighborhood Revitalization Programs). On Sunday at Corcoran Park about 75 people from almost all Minneapolis neighborhoods met with state legislators from Minneapolis. State Senator Patricia Torres Ray, SD62, Minneapolis Senate Delegation Chair, led the legislative group.

The fund reduction is part of the cities efforts to reduce the property tax increases. There are serious financial problems facing all levels of government. One of the group’s concerns is that the new Republican majorities in both houses will turn a deaf ear to NRP.

Since it began in 1991,The NRP has spent more than $80 Million to rehabilitate and preserve houses in Minneapolis. The NRP also spends money on economic development, parks and crime prevention.

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