Vikings Stadium On Agenda With Dayton And NFL

The Metrodome's Ripped Roof
The Metrodome's Ripped Roof

The Metrodome's Ripped Roof

It seemed like just yesterday that Minnesota Governor-Elect Mark Dayton was playing down talk of a new Vikings stadium. Wait, it was yesterday! Today he announced that NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has requested a meeting with Dayton on Monday prior to the Vikings-Bears game. The game is being played in the University of Minnesota’s stadium because the Metrodome’s roof deflated during a blizzard last week.

Dayton released a statement saying:

“I went to the first Minnesota Vikings football game 50 years ago, and I hope that my grandchildren will be able to go to Vikings games in Minnesota 50 years from now,” said Governor-elect Dayton. “However, as I said throughout my campaign, any new stadium must first benefit the people of Minnesota. If it’s 8,000 construction jobs over the next three years and those tax revenues, the contracts with Minnesota businesses and those tax revenues, and the other economic benefits to our State exceed any public costs, then it is a good deal for the people of Minnesota and I will support it. I will also insist that no general revenue funds be used for building any new stadium. I look forward to meeting with Commissioner Goodell.”

Michael McIntee

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