Chaplain Admonishes MN Senate To Avoid Violent Rhetoric

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Rev. David Colby warns Senators to avoid violent rhetoric

Rev. David Colby warns Senators to avoid violent rhetoric

In the wake of the mass shootings in Arizona, the Minnesota Senate starts its day with a moment of silence and a prayer.

Rev. David Colby told the gathered Senators “Guard our tongues that our rhetoric be neither reckless or lead to violence. Guard our actions that partisanship does not make us forget the humanity of those who we may disagree. May we speak out with passion, but may we also listen deeply. May we work for political victories but keep our integrity intact. If we hurt others, may we seek forgiveness. For we have gathered here today, we’ve been gathered here today to bring our best selves to bear on the business before us and before the state of Minnesota. And as we gather, we ask that it be a day for goodness and grace.”

Michael McIntee

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