DFL Is “Majority Party in Exile” Says Senator Marty

Senator John Marty at Netroots Minnesota 2011

Minnesota State Senator John Marty used to have his office in the stately Capitol building, but losses in the 2010 election put the DFL party in the minority and their offices into the less desirable State Office Building. Senator Marty views this as a temporary situation.

The DFL minority is the “majority party in exile” said Senator Marty to a crowd of progressives at Netroots Nation Minnesota 2011.

He and House Minority Leader Paul Thissen spoke briefly on progressive legislative issued before taking questions from the audience and Twitter.

Senator Marty laid out the fight for the upcoming legislative session saying, “it’s not about taxes. It’s about government that works for the people.”

Both Marty and Thissen agreed that it would take more than their work in the legislature to get progressive issues passed. It will take the creativity of Governor Mark Dayton, DFL legislators, and progressive people all over Minnesota to do so. The two also stressed that progressive people all over Minnesota need to take advantage of new media and social media. Both noted that they believed that “mainstream media favors the status quo,” which favors the conservative side.

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