DFL Chair’s Sobering Thought: DFL As Permanent Minority Party

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DFL Chair Ken Martin talks to party members in Eagan

DFL Chair Ken Martin talks to party members in Eagan

Democrats as a permanent legislative minority in the state of Hubert Humphry and Walter Mondale?

Minnesota’s recently elected DFL Party Chair Ken Martin says it’s a sobering thought and a real possibility if Democrats don’t find ways to compete in suburban and rural Minnesota districts.

Sunday in Eagan, which is one of those battleground suburban districts, Martin talked about how Eagan is a prime example of how the DFL can win the suburbs. In 2004, Martin worked on Sen. John Kerry’s Presidential campaign in Eagan. Kerry won Eagan, which was traditionally considered a Republican area. In 2006, the DFL picked up a Senate seat and a legislative seat in Eagan. Then in 2008, the DFL won all three legislative seats in SD38. In 2010 the DFL voter turnout was depressed across the state and all three of SD38’s legislative seats went to Republicans.

Martin’s point was that with hard work and organizing, the DFL can win in suburban districts, which it will have to if it doesn’t want to become a permanent minority in the legislature.

Senate Assistant Minority Leader Terri Bonoff agreed with Martin. “I think if we are going to take these suburban seats we’re going to need all of our Senate Districts to look like this (Eagan) Senate District.”

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