Aloha Corporations, Pay Your Taxes!

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US Uncut rally in Hawaii

US Uncut rally in Hawaii

Why are states such as Wisconsin facing budget problems? One of the contributing factors is corporate tax dodging. According to a congressional report, nearly two-thirds of US corporations do not pay Federal income taxes. While some of these corporations are small businesses that pay other taxes, some of them are large corporations with more than $1 trillion in revenue. For example, Bank of America paid zero dollars in income tax in 2009.

US Uncut is s a grassroots movement organized solely through word of mouth and social media that protests the fact that corporations aren’t paying their fair share in taxes, which leads to cuts in valuable public services. On Saturday all across the country, including Hawaii, people came out to draw attention to corporations that do not pay income taxes as well as show their solidarity with the public employees of Wisconsin. Governor Scott Walker is trying to take away collective bargaining rights for Wisconsin employees. Photos and video here provided by Darin Padula.

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