Peace Activist Sues Minneapolis For Police Violence, Withholding Evidence

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By Bill Sorem Minneapolis MN, March 4, 2011.

Who is “Karen Sullivan”? Apparently she was an informant police used to arrest people during the Republican National Convention in 2008. This wasn’t revealed to a protester shot during the RNC. An attorney for the protester Mick Kelly is asking for the case to be re-opened so they can find out who “Karen Sullivan” is.

Kelly alleges a Minneapolis police officer shot him in the abdomen with a rubber bullet at close range with a rubber bullet.

Kelly says “This is an attempt to have a legal pushback” against those who “would silence the anti-war movement.”

This past September, the FBI raided Kelly’s home and the homes of several others in Minnesota’s peace movement. Tracy Molm was one of those other FBI targets. “Today is a great day as we are going to send them a subpoena as they have done to us, and we deserve the truth. We deserve for them (the FBI) to tell us what they’ve been doing and we have every right to know and I believe that we need to stand up and say so and this is one method that we’re going to do that”

. (Previous story on Anti-War Committee finding out about Sullivan.)
Rubber bullets are not supposed to be used above the waist and at close range.

Law enforcement agencies failed to reveal the presence of an undercover FBI infiltrator during the discovery process of Kelly’s 2008 RNC lawsuit. The existence of an undercover law enforcement officer who was active for two years in RNC protest organizations was first revealed in the course of communications between lawyers representing activists whose homes were raided by the FBI September 24, 2010 and Chicago Assistant U.S. Attorney Brandon Fox. The infiltrator, who went by the name “Karen Sullivan,” remained active in the Twin Cites peace movement until the September 24 raids, when she vanished.

Minneapolis attorney Ted Dooley presented the elements of that action. He will ask the judge presiding over the case to reopen the discovery process and will move to subpoena “Karen Sullivan.” Kelly was supported by several other targets of the September 24, 2010 raids and the great grandson of one of the targets.

Bill Sorem

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