Wisconsin Deputies Vow Not To Kick Out Protesters

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Dane County Deputy Sheriff's Association Spokesperson Jim Brigham

Dane County Deputy Sheriff's Association Spokesperson Jim Brigham

Video by Sam Mayfield

Members of the Dane County Deputy Sheriff’s Association say they are in solidarity with protesters inside the Wisconsin State Capitol and will not kick them out.

Spokesperson Jim Brigham says just like the protesters, the Deputy Sheriff’s Association has is concerned about Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker’s attempt to eliminate collective bargaining rights for public employees. “It’s painfully obvious that this isn’t about a budget,” said Brigham. “This is about destroying and silencing unions.”

Brigham praised the protesters for how peaceful their demonstrations have been. “That’s what we’ve seen these last three weeks. Nothing but peaceful even though some networks are trying to portray it as something other than that. But even our people that we’re talking to who have been working the event the entire time have said they are quite amazed at how peaceful these protests have been.”

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