Bachmann/Dayton Differ On Climate Change- Jointly Deal With Consequences

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Rep. Michele Bachmann shovels sand into bags along flooding St. Croix river

Rep. Michele Bachmann shovels sand into bags along flooding St. Croix river

As Minnesota’s winter weather becomes wetter with climate change, epic spring flooding is becoming more regular. Minnesota’s state hydrologists are predicting a devastating flood season. Governor Mark Dayton has been holding flood preparedness meetings several times a week with local officials.

Today Representative Michele Bachmann joined Governor Dayton on the front lines of dealing with the results of increased carbon emissions by filling out sandbags to keep the rising St. Croix river within its banks.

Governor Dayton knows well the threat that climate change poses to Minnesota and the rest of the world. As a US Senator in 2005 he was a co-sponsor of legislation to fund more scientific research of greenhouse gases and establish a “cap and trade” program to reduce carbon emissions.
In contrast, Representative Bachmann has been a documented purveyor of disinformation about cap and trade and even denies that climate change is caused by man.

Today the two didn’t debate the cause of the mess the state was in. They both picked up shovels and started trying to cope with the consequences.

Michael McIntee

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