US Attacks Stop Libyan Regime Ground Forces

Libyan Civilians

The US Commander of the attack on Libya says even though the coalition is hitting military targets, it needs to stay within the mandate set by the United Nations. General Carter Ham briefed reporters on Monday about the difficulty in determining if a potential military target is threatening civilians.

“Instructions that we have given to our crews…is to be very judicious in their application of force,” said Carter. “Where they see a clear situation where civilians are threatened, then they are authorized to, and they have in the past, taken action to protect those civilians.

“We have not observed Libyan military aircraft operating since the beginning of coalition military operations . Libyan navel vessels have returned to or have remained in port. Since the initial strikes we have detected no emissions from regime long-range air defense radars. Air attacks have succeeded in stopping regime ground forces from advancing into Benghazi.”

Michael McIntee

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